Reshuffle🔀 Pointless in a “One-Man Govt”✌

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By Fråst🐺

The Congress✋, after PM Modi’s✌ cabinet reshuffle🔀, said that in a “one-man government,” a reorganisation won’t make any difference. Congress✋ spokesperson🗣 Jairam Ramesh said🔉, “It will not make any difference. It is a one-man government.”
Modi✌ has, whether the nation🇮🇳 has realised it or not, changed the method of governance🏤 in a noticeable way👁, but not extensively. Several now are of the notion that Modi’s✌ grip on the government has changed it from a parliamentary🏤 to a presidential👔 form of government. More power, reach and admiration have reached PM Modi✌ than any other before. What will come after Modi✌ is anyone's guess.

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