How 💫Kumble Got 'Jumbo' Nickname🤔 📹:

By Shadowfax🐎

Team India's new head coach👔 Anil Kumble participated in an interactive session📱 on Twitter yesterday before the team flew✈ out to West Indies. Naturally, he was bombarded😅 with questions with #AskTheCoach and he answered several queries based on his on-field and off-field life via 3-second video responses📹. He revealed how he got his nickname Jumbo😯 - after one of his deliveries bounced high (as was often the case) during an Irani trophy game😉, Navjot Singh Sidhu coined the name 'Jumbo Jet🚀'. Jet was dropped later.

Watch him reveal the secret behind his nickname 📹:

Kumble also shared his thoughts🤔 on how he plans to improve the team and said that he wants to create a feeling of Indianness in the team and play the '🇮🇳Indian way'.

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