🇧🇷Brazil Worried😟 Over Gitmo😱 Prisoner

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Ahead of the Rio Olympics🏅, Brazilian authorities are in search🔍 of a former 😱Guantanamo prisoner. Abu Wa’el Dhiab, a Syrian national, was released in 2014 in Uruguay after serving 😳12 years in Guantanamo. But his whereabouts are now unclear😕 and it is reported that he has entered Brazil illegally😟. Dhiab was captured in Afghanistan by 🇺🇸US military🔫 in 2002 and he was accused of forming an al-Qaeda terrorist💥 cell. But he was never charged⚖ in any case🤔 and was cleared for release in 2009😯. Belela Herrera, a human rights💪 activist and a former Uruguayan deputy foreign minister👔 has termed the reaction😧 to Dhiab's missing as😏 "crazy". She said🔈, "He has a valid identity card, issued by the Uruguayan government, that allows him to go to other countries. He is not a fugitive from justice."


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