Chinese Malware👾 on 🔟M Phones📱

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By Fråst🐺

Around 🔟 million Android devices📱 have been affected by ‘HummingBad’😈 - malware that was discovered in February. The number of infections👾 was steady for a few months but jumped📈 sharply in May. It turns out that HummingBad😈 was developed at Yingmob which is actually a legal😯, multimillion-dollar advertising analytics agency in Beijing🇨🇳. Yingmob develops legal tracking🔎 and advert platforms. Phones📱 were infected with the malware simply by visiting bad websites😳, known as a “drive-by download attack.” Over 85 million smartphones📱 have Yingmob’s apps installed, but only a small percent has the malicious software👾. Most of the victims are in China🇨🇳 and India🇮🇳 (1.6 million and 1.35 million cases respectively). Yingmob has not responded to a request for comment🔇.

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