⭐Greg Rutherford's Hearing Affliction😟

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Greg Rutherford⭐ who aggravated a neck injury😖 while competing at the Birmingham Diamond💎 League is at risk of losing his hearing permanently😱 due to the whiplash effect. Rutherford is the Olympic🏅, World🌎, European and Commonwealth long jump champion🎉. His neck has improved but due to a secondary effect of the whiplash his inner ear👂 was damaged(cochlear hydrops). 🔈"I knew I shouldn’t have jumped in Birmingham because my neck felt really stiff. I’ve gone from hearing in stereo to mono. Hopefully it will come back but there’s a one-in-four chance it will never fully recover according to the doctor," revealed the British athlete.
Rutherford will be defending his European title🏆 in Amsterdam this week.

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