Internet💻 Explodes💥 Over #ByeByeSmriti😂

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The highlight☝ of the Cabinet reshuffle was 👩Smriti Irani's shift from HRD Ministry📖 to the Ministry of Textiles👗 and the subsequent promotion of Prakash Javadekar💪 as the head of HRD. During her 2⃣ years as the HRD minister, Smriti Irani was always😞 at the centre of controversies💥. Though her fiery🔥 speeches in Lok Sabha🏛 were applauded👏 by many, she was criticised👊 for failing😔 to implement key educational📕 reforms. The JNU row✊ and Rohith Vemula suicide also did cast a shadow😯 over her image. Meanwhile, Smriti who is known for her twitter🐦 battles⚔ is now being trolled😂 after her portfolio change. In fact, #ByeByeSmriti😀 is now trending on the microblogging site💻. Let us take a look👀 at some of the posts:

🐦Kanhaiya Kumar: "#JusticeForRohith is still awaited. #CabinetReshuffle is not punishment. #ByeByeSmrity n Dattatreya should be from cabinet to jail#Azadi."
🐦Rajdeep Sardesai: "Don't think @smritiirani has been 'demoted'. She could be key face in BJP UP campaign. So watch this space!"
🐦Tea Freak: "Taking HRD #SmritiIrani is the victory sIGN of #kanhaiyakumar and #JNU and all other ppl and institu. Which she targeted ! #ByeByeSmriti."
🐦Radhika Khera: "Chetan Chauhan is the new NIFT Chairman & #ByeByeSmriti is now textile minister! This will SERIOUSLY be fun!!"