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Juno🛰 – Nasa’s spacecraft🚀 just reached Jupiter on Monday to take measurements🌡 around the gas giant🔴. Juno was entirely on autopilot during its orbital💫 entry due to a communication📡 time lag between the Earth🌏 and Jupiter. The entire mission costs 💲1.1 bn. Juno will particularly single out the planet’s ‘Great Red Spot’🔴 which is a chemical thunderstorm🌪 that has been spiralling around it for more than 186 years😳. It first went around the inner solar system and was then catapulted past Earth🌏 towards Jupiter. Juno’s solar wings generate 500 MW of power⚡ to run its instruments. It will start taking images in a few days📷. Juno was created by Lockheed Martin🛩 and is locked in a titanium cover to protect it from harmful radiation☢. In 2018, Juno will dive into Jupiter’s atmosphere😯 and disintegrate to avoid crashing into Jupiter’s potentially habitable moons🤔. Check it out📹:

🔎To know more about the Great Red Spot, type: search Great Red Spot

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