Unsafe🔫 Brazil on 🏋Olympics High Alert⚠

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By Fråst🐺

With exactly a month to go before the Rio Olympics🏋 opening ceremony🏆, Brazil🇧🇷 has ordered its troops💂🏼 into the various Olympic venues for security. Even Rio de Janeiro’s mayor😓 described the security situation in the country as 🔉“horrible, terrible.” Adding to the financial burden💰 of the nation are concerns about the Zika epidemic👾, water pollution💧 and now increasing police👮🏼 budgets. Crime in the city has increased📈 dramatically recently and the publicity it’s getting isn’t helping. There have been stories about body parts👃👂🖐 washing up near the start of the triathlon on Copacabana beach🏖, hospital shootouts, & athletes being mugged🔫. Police👮🏼 officers on strike held up a banner at the international airport ✈ which read🗯: “Welcome to Hell: police and firefighters don’t get paid, whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe.”

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