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Ask👩Didi: Rebuilding Trust

+234...3⃣ how do we learn to build a trust that's already lost ​

Dear +234...3⃣,

👫Trust is the foundation of any relationship. When it is lost, it's very hard to get back. Here are some tips for how to win your partner's👫 trust back:

1⃣ Don't deny what you …

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Ask👩Didi: 8⃣ Signs Somebody's Crushing on You

+277...9⃣ how do u know that someone has a crush on u?
+263...4⃣ how can i know or see that someone have feelings for me
+276...1⃣ if you greet a person for the first time,how do you know if he has a crush on you?

Dear …

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Ask👩Didi: How to Charm the Ladies

+263...1⃣ how,do l charm a gel

Dear +263...1⃣ ,

This is by far the most frequently asked question I receive. The answer is simple:

🎩Be well groomed. Look your best.

💬Before you approach her, think of things to talk about, for example music or movies.

😀Try to be …

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Ask👩Didi: Making 👱Him/👩Her Happy😊

+234...2⃣ how do i make my girlfriend happy all the time

Dear +234...2⃣,

We spend a lot of time depending on 🔁 others for our own happiness. We also bend 🏋 over backwards to make others 😅happy.

The ✨golden rule✨ to figure out as soon as possible is that for …

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Ask👩Didi: How to Lose Weight

+255...4️⃣ how do i lose weight without doing exercise?

Dear +255...4️⃣,
The truth is that you simply can’t lose ⬇️ weight in a 👍healthy way 🚫without doing exercise.
Think of it like this:

Weight gain happens when:
🍔calorie intake > physical activity⛹

You lose weight when:
🍔calorie intake < physical …

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Ask👩Didi: Positivity Tips

+91...2⃣ what should i do to stop bad thoughts arising in my mind?
+96...7⃣ i'm depressed

Dear All,

Here are my tips for overcoming depression by changing your mindset from 😞negative to 😊positive. You’ll notice an immediate difference if you:

1⃣😀Change your frown to a 😃smile …

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Ask👩Didi: How to Approach Somebody You Like

+91...9⃣ how do I approach a girl?
+234...3⃣ how do i develop confidence to ask the girl i love out
+277...8⃣ how can i ask a girl out?
+263...4⃣ how can l ask a girl out
+234...9⃣ how can i ask a girl out
+234 …

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Ask👩Didi: Gay or Straight - Ending a Relationship

+234...6⃣ how do you end a gay relationship

Ending any relationship, gay or straight, is based on the same principles. It's important to respect the fact that you and your soon-to-be-Ex❌ used to have ☀️good times. Ending a relationship with dignity and respect is the best approach. Here are …

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Ask👩Didi: Unanswerable Questions⁉️

Every day I get questions from you that leave me wondering how to answer them. I thought I'd list some of them here😀:

+234...0⃣ why was i born in nigeria
🤔Er..why is the sky blue?

+234...9⃣ meaning of names
🤔 Ask your parents 😂

+263...4⃣ what is soccer …

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Ask👩Didi: Dealing with a 💔 Cheat

+263...2⃣ how to deal with someone who cheats
+234...7⃣ i think she cheat
+263...3⃣ why do men cheat?
+232...8⃣ why does women cheat?
+233...7⃣ why do girlfriends cheat?
+234...1⃣ why do people cheat in marriage
+234...3⃣ when will you tell me the truth …

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Ask👩Didi: True💓Love

+234...0⃣ wat is love
+234...5⃣how do you know if someone loves you
+234...0⃣ love

Dear All,

You all ask an excellent question. Here are my tips to know if you've met your soul mate:

1⃣🚫🔎You're no longer wondering🔎 if there's somebody better out there for …

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Ask👩Didi: How to be Truly Happy

+277...7⃣ how does one be happy within themselves? ​

Dear +277...7⃣,

You asked a great question. People think that happiness depends on money, loved ones, but in reality happiness cones from within. Here's how to find that happiness:

1⃣ Optimism 😊: See the good in every situation and every person …

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Ask👩Didi: Anger & Happiness

📰7⃣2⃣4⃣: Ask👩Didi: 🔟 Tips for Anger😡Management - (Type 724 for more)

📰7⃣2⃣5⃣: Ask👩Didi: How to be Truly Happy - (Type 725 for more)

💔¯_(ツ)_/¯🆘: Ask👩Didi: How do I ask Duta Didi a question❓Type 'didi' followed by your question‼️ Didi does NOT provide …

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Ask👩Didi: Dealing With a 😖 Panic Attack

+91...3⃣ i'm having a panic attack

Dear +91...3⃣,

A panic😖attack is a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety. They usually last from 5 to 30 minutes. A panic😖attack can include physical symptoms including shaking, feeling disorientated, nausea, rapid, irregular heartbeats, dry mouth, breathlessness, sweating and dizziness …

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Ask👩Didi: Many Questions, Many Answers

Today I got so many questions that I needed to answer them in one place:

❓how can i add didi in private
📝Just create a duta group for your number and a duta number from here: https://goo.gl/Waur0e. Then type +didi to subscribe in private.

🔑can i include …

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