Ashton Eaton⭐ Defends👍 Decathlon Title✨

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American Ashton Eaton⭐ retained his Olympic gold🏅 in the men's decathlon event👏. Though he failed to break😯 his world record ( 9,045 points), he scored 8,993 points to 😀equal the Olympic record👍 set by Czech Roman Sebrle at Athens🎉 2004. Frenchman Kevin Mayer🌟 came 2⃣nd (8,834) while Canada's Damian Warner secured bronze⚡ with 8,666. Eaton is the 3⃣rd athlete to win✌ 2⃣ Olympics golds in decathlon after Bob Mathias😇 of the United States and 😎Daley Thompson of Britain. After his historic win, he said🔈, "To win two Olympic golds in a row like Daley is very special. One day, I'm going to have to meet Daley, shake his hand and thank him for giving me something to chase after."

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