Bihar’s Perilous☠ Moonshine🍾 Kills 18

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By Fråst🐺

15 👥people have recently died in Gopalganj, Bihar due to possible consumption of illicit 🍺alcohol. Forensic evidence🔎 from the deceased has been sent to labs⚗ to ascertain the exact substance which caused their death. CM Nitish Kumar expressed concern😓 over the tragedy which is the first major incident after the 🚫prohibition of 🍺alcohol in the state. Nitish Kumar asked to the kin of the deceased💐 not to be scared & speak the truth so that the culprits😈 behind the incident could be captured & punished. He added that if the deaths are due to illicit 🍺alcohol then compensation of ₹4⃣ lakh 💰 each would be given to the victims’ 👪family 👥members. 6⃣ persons have been arrested in connection with their deaths so far.

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