✋Congress Demands Apology from ✌Modi

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Recently PM ✌Modi made a statement saying that the 🔸BJP had faced more adversities😓 in independent 🇮🇳India compared to what the ✋Congress had during British 🇮🇳India🤔. ✌Modi said🔉, “Even during the British time, the Congress party would not have faced so much adversity that we, our dedicated workers have gone through in 50-60 years.” The Congress, infuriated😡, asked PM ✌Modi to “forthwith apologise” to the nation after his 💬statement ✋Congress Chief Spokesperson🗣 Randeep Surjewala said🔉, “The Prime Minister has humiliated & denigrated the entire freedom struggle of 🇮🇳India. Coming from the Prime Minister, this is unacceptable. We will not tolerate it. He should withdraw the statement & he should forthwith apologise to the nation.” He added that neither the 🔸BJP nor RSS🚩 or their predecessors participated in the freedom struggle✊ & accused them of actually supporting the 🇬🇧British.

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Original Image Credit📷: IANS