CRPF: Pellet🔫 Gun Ban🚫 More Dangerous😱

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In response to a PIL filed by⚖ Kashmir high court Bar Association on July 30📅 on the use of pellet guns🔫, CRPF has told the HC🏛 that a ban on pellet guns might result in more 💥fatalities. In an affidavit📃 submitted on Wednesday, the force said🔈: “In case, this (pellet gun) is withdrawn from the options available with the CRPF, CRPF personnel would have no recourse in extreme situations but to open fire with rifles, which may cause more fatalities.” It added👉 that it is also difficult😯 to precisely aim and fire at a moving, bending and running target during 🔥violent protests.
The CRPF has claimed that they have😟 fired around 3,500 pellet cartridges from July 9 😞to August 11. Both CRPF and the BSF👮 have submitted their responses to the PIL, while the state government🤔 is yet to file its response. The case⚖ is scheduled to have its next 🙏hearing on Saturday.

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