Jonathan’ government can’t account for N33tn – APC

  |   Nigeria News

Noting that even among thieves, there must be honour, the chairman said Nigerians, who are now bearing the brunt of the economy that was mindlessly mismanaged by the PDP, cannot forget in a hurry that some $15bn – which is about half of the nation's foreign reserves at the end of the tenure of the PDP-led Federal Government – was mismanaged under the guise of the equipping the military, when in reality the funds were stolen by the PDP.

The statement added, "The chairman listed other instances of the massive looting of the national till under the PDP, which never differentiated between the party's finances and the Nigerian treasury, to include: The $20 billion in oil proceeds that was never paid into the Federation Account; and the N33tn in national oil revenue that was not accounted for, considering that while the nation earned in excess of N56tn over five years under the last administration, the total budget for those years amounted to about N23tn.

Odigie-Oyegun said while indeed it was glaring that the PDP-led administration was profligate and rapacious, nothing prepared Nigerians for the mind-boggling discoveries that have emerged in the past one year, including the fact that just a handful of people could had plundered far more than half of what belonged to a country of over 170 million people!

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