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As she gains in polls, Clinton seeks Latino support in unusual places

ATLANTA — With Latinos making up just 2 percent of voters, Georgia isn’t usually a place where presidential campaigns go looking for Hispanic support. But as she pulls away from Donald Trump in traditional battlegrounds, Hillary Clinton is now aggressively wooing Latino voters here and in other states with smaller …

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Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort resigns

Trump campaign chairman and chief strategist Paul Manafort resigned on Friday, following a staff shake-up this week that reduced his role in the campaign.

GOP nominee Donald Trump confirmed the resignation in a statement: “This morning Paul Manafort offered, and I accepted, his resignation from the campaign. I am very …

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Trump finally expresses regret...over what?

Donald Trump on Thursday expressed regret over causing “personal pain” through ill-chosen words he has used “in the heat of debate,” an unexpected and uncharacteristic declaration of remorse for a candidate whose public persona is defined by his combative and bombastic style. Speaking during his first campaign rally since rebooting …

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US Election Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

🇺🇸US Election 🔮Forecast from FiveThirtyEight

📊Chance of winning election:

🐴Clinton(D): 86.4%

🐘Trump(R): 13.6%

Electoral 📊College Forecast (270 to win):

🐴Clinton(D): 358.0

🐘Trump(R): 179.5

🗳Popular Vote Forecast:

🐴Clinton(D): 48.9%

🐘Trump(R): 41.3%

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