Assam Floods🌊: 13 Rhinos Drown😨

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The Assam floods🌊 have wrecked the state’s National Park🌳, Kaziranga & swept away around 13 of the parks iconic rhinos😥. The park has an estimated 2,400 one-horned Great 🇮🇳Indian Rhinoceros which are threatened by the flooding🌊 as it has swept over 70% of the 450 sq. km. core park🌳🌳🌳. Most of the Rhinos are too young to fight the currents🏊. The floods have also washed away at least 166 hog deer. Many other animals have been rescued in rehabilitation centres🏥. At least 🔟 rhinos were rescued & 8⃣ were admitted to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation🏥 (CWRC). These rhinos are suffering from pneumonia😷 but their condition is improving.

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