👊Hrithik On Mohenjo Daro's🎥 Accuracy

  |   Hrithik Roshan / Bollywood

By Fråst🐺

👊Hrithik revealed at a recent interview🎤 that he wanted to do Mohenjo Daro🎥 because it was quite different & not a regular ❤love story or action movie. He said🔉, “It takes people back to the ancient civilisation. Who makes films like these, on a huge scale!” 👊Hrithik went on to say🔉, “Our ancestors intrigued me. I want to see how people from this age look at those from that era who were very simple & had no technology or fast-paced romance.” Regarding the discrepancies👀 in the accuracy🎯 of the depiction of ancient 🇮🇳India, 👊Hrithik said🔉, “These are a set of historians who have pointed out that this could not have been or that could not have been true, but even that could not be proved because there is no much evidence. All we have is a variety of theories different historians have put forward.”🤔

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Original Image Credit📷: Still from movie