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By Fråst🐺

Hollywood🎥 babes👙 seem to know where the money💰 is & are now looking out for tech titans instead of rock stars🎸, movie celebs😎 & sportsmen⛹.
Evan Spiegel, 26, just got engaged to ex-Victoria’s Secret👙 beauty Miranda Kerr last week. Evan’s the 👔CEO of 👻Snapchat which is worth 💲20 bn. Kerr also happens to be Orlando Bloom’s ex😳.
Johnny Depp’s😎 ex Amber Heard seems to be eyeing ⚡Tesla 👔CEO ⚡Elon Musk who is worth 💲12.3 bn.
Emma Watson😍 is dating William “Mack” Knight, 35, who’s a Princeton graduate🤔 & tech manager.
Quick! 😳 Put away that guitar🎸 & take up coding❗

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