United♦ Organise Testimonial🙌 for Rooney⭐

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By Shadowfax🐎

To celebrate🎉 the 12 years Wayne Rooney has played for Manchester United♦, the Red Devils will be playing a testimonial match against Rooney's boyhood club Everton on 3rd August at Old Trafford🏟. Testimonials were traditionally held to mark 10 years or more a player has served a club and also as a way to raise a lump sum amount💰 for the player to help him with life after football. But these days, a testimonial is only meant as a way to show appreciation👏 to a player for his long service and a way for fans to express their admiration😍. Wayne Rooney, who earns north of £250000-a-week, will be donating the entire proceeds from the match to the Wayne Rooney foundation👍 which runs charity work - which serves to highlight the difference in wages💵 earned by former footballers and current ones, thanks to satellite and TV rights📺 and what not.

Not all clubs organise testimonials nowadays - John Terry, who has played all his career at Chelsea🔵, and Frank Lampard, Chelsea's record goalscorer, have not been given a testimonial yet😲. But there is no doubt that Wayne Rooney, who is only 5 goals⚽ shy of becoming United's all-time record goalscorer, deserves one❗

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