🌐World's First 8K TV Broadcasts in 🇯🇵Japan

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By Fråst🐺

NHK, the 👥public broadcasting company for 🇯🇵Japan has started the 🌐world’s first regular 8K resolution broadcasts📡! They launched🚀 their “Super Hi-Vision” test channel📺 on Monday which has content in both 4⃣K & 8⃣K res. At 7680 x 4320 pixels, 8⃣K is four times as sharp as 4⃣K & 16 times sharper🔪 than 1080p, not to forget the 22.2 channel audio😳.
So far, the channel has aired a concert by J-pop star🎤 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, 🌉London 2012 🏋Olympic highlights, & more. However, although the channel broadcasts from 🔟 am to 5⃣ pm, no one actually has the equipment📺 to receive it at home😐. So as a promo, NHK is installing viewing stations📺 around 🇯🇵Japan to showcase the footage. 🇯🇵Japan has been known to pioneer new viewing formats & started HD broadcasts📡 back in the ‘80s – if you’re still wondering why you don’t even have 4K yet😒.

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