Ask👩Didi: How to Twerk

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+233...5⃣ how do i twerk

Dear +233...5⃣,

Here are my 🔟 steps to the perfect twerk:

1⃣ put on some good music at a mid tempo beat

2⃣ feet apart and squat low enough so that you are grounded and easily balanced.

:thee: bend your knees.

4⃣ make sure your feet are turned out and your knees are just behind your toes

5⃣ isolate and move just your hips - put your hands on your hips to start

6⃣ move your hips back and forth to the beat

7⃣ when you're used to the movement move your hands from your hips to right above your knees

8⃣ make sure that your wrists are turned out and your elbows are turned out

9⃣ practice twerking slowly at first

🔟pick up your pace once you're comfortable with it

Have fun with it❗️


Duta Didi

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