BCCI🏏 Slams😡 'Sex for Selection' Accusation‼

Ajay Shirke, the BCCI secretary has hit out at Lodha committee's secretary Gopal Sankaranarayanan for his comments🗣 during the meeting on August 9th📆, alleging that the selectors forced mothers👩 of aspiring cricketers to sleep😱 with them in order to get their wards a shot in the team. In his report📑 to the BCCI about the meeting Shirke wrote💬, "The Secretary stated that there was large apathy in the BCCI and spoke of the shocking manner that BCCI conducts its affairs and activities and he stated that the BCCI has been a mute spectator to what he said were corrupt practices rampantly prevalent in the BCCI. He further made it appear as if this was a practice widely prevalent amongst cricket selectors and that the BCCI had not done anything in this regard. It was utterly wrong on the part of Mr. Gopal Shankarnarayanan to paint all selectors as depraved and despicable human beings in this manner and then to allege that BCCI did not take any action against its selectors." He went on to label the accusations as preposterous😑 and that it was uncalled for. His report also mentions that the Judges⚖ intervened and put an end✋ to the discussion.

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