Bihar Flood🌊 Not Due to ☔Rains🤔

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By Fråst🐺

In spite of receiving less ☔rain this year, Bihar if fighting severe flooding🌊 due to excess 💧water from 🇳🇵Nepal. However, the fault lies entirely with the mismanagement😯 of a dam & a barrage in next-door Madhya Pradesh & West Bengal. The Bansagar Dam in MP was accumulating 💧water for the past month but only began releasing it when it was 95% full🙄 as it had reached its storage capacity. The dam authority then opened 16 of its 18 gates immediately😳 which flooded the Ganga🏞📈 in Bihar. Environmentalist 🌳Himanshu Thakkar said that if the 💧water wasn’t released the floods in UP & Bihar could have been avoided. He said🔉, “It shows mismanagement of the dam by Bansagar Control Board where Bihar is also a party to it along with MP & UP.” Thakkar also said that the situation was worsened💥 by silt in the rivers as there is no national policy on silt management in 🇮🇳India

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