🇫🇷FR & 🇩🇪GER Want Encryption🔓 Broken

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By Fråst🐺

🇫🇷France & 🇩🇪Germany are pressurising the 🌐EU to allow them to break encryption🔒. This means that 🔵Telegram, iMessage, 💬WhatsApp & others which use end-to-end & other forms of encryption, would be under threat⚠, & in turn, so will our privacy. 🇫🇷France & 🇩🇪Germany want to force tech companies to limit⛔ the encryption used in messages. They’re proposing the rule so that suspected terrorists☠ can be monitored & promise that it would only be used for 👥people being investigated. However, privacy advocates say that it won’t❌ be possible to do so. They’re saying that allowing authorities to read any specific message stops all of them from being private🤔. They say that important information like banking transactions & other information also use encryption🔒 to keep them private👀.

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