IND🇮🇳 - The Worst😞 in Rio Olympics⁉

  |   India News

After sending the largest😳 ever contingent to the Olympics🎉, expectations were high 🙏on the Indian team. But the country managed only to 😞win 2⃣ medals - a silver and a bronze. According to a survey📊, India is the worst😱 ranked country among the 87 nations that have won✌ a medal. When the medal tally is adjusted🤔 according to a per capita basis, India with a population of more than a 😔billion comes last⬇. The rank is the same when calculated👉 on the basis of GDP. Our only consolation😯 is that we are ranked 67th based on the number of medals🏅 won by a participating nation at Rio. Meanwhile, Pakistan🇵🇰 with a population of 192,826,000 is the worst😟 performer when we consider all the 🌏207 countries involved in the 2016 Summer Olympics🎉.

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