🌟McGrath: IPL, BBL🏆 Spoiling Cricket‼

Glenn McGrath🌟 has spoken out on T20 leagues🏏 around the world hampering the progress of fast bowlers⚡. He believes that players stop working hard😠 after their initial success. 🔈"Biggest issue which I find, probably not just in India, probably around the world is how hard they are prepared to work. And if they do get little bit of success playing in IPL or big bash in Australia is that they get to that level and they think they have made it and they stop working hard and they stop training as much, " said McGrath. He also stated that young cricketers tend to stop✋ working once they are paid handsomely💰 and focus neither on improving their skills nor their fitness😑The former fast bowler asserted that the ultimate goal should always be representing the country👍.
McGrath also welcomed👏 the use of pink ball in Tests as it seemingly aids swing more than the conventional red ball which is favourable for the bowler🤔.

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