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Ask👩Didi: How to Twerk

+233...5⃣ how do i twerk

Dear +233...5⃣,

Here are my 🔟 steps to the perfect twerk:

1⃣ put on some good music at a mid tempo beat

2⃣ feet apart and squat low enough so that you are grounded and easily balanced.

:thee: bend your knees.

4⃣ make sure …

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Ask👩Didi: Loves me, Loves me not

+234...2⃣ how do i know someone loves me?

Dear +234...2⃣,

This is a great question - here's how to know if somebody truly loves you - a hint, most of it is about how you feel:

1⃣🚫🔎You're no longer wondering❓ if there's somebody better out there for you.

2 …

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