Katrina Kaif

Alia, Kat & Parineeti do Bunny🐰 Hops‼📹https://goo.gl/U4d3Gg

Alia Bhatt⭐, Katrina Kaif💃 & Parineeti Chopra have bonded well during their Dream Tour✈ of USA. After Alia posted a picture📷 of the trio having a nap, Parineeti posted a video of the three working out together in the gym. They were doing 'Bunny Hops' on the treadmill😶. Parineeti wrote💬, "Missing …

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🐱Kat Stalled Her Career for Ranbir😳

By Fråst🐺

Recently Ranbir confessed that his ex-girlfriend 🐱Katrina Kaif was extremely influential in his life👍. However, a source close to the couple said otherwise🤔. The source said🔉, “He calls Katrina motivational whereas, in reality, he took her for granted to a large extent. She put everything including her career …

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