📱App Helps Visually Impaired to Read🔎

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By Fråst🐺

Hear2Read📱 is an app that helps visually impaired 👥people that can be trained to read texts aloud🔊. What’s more? It’s started supporting Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi & other languages & dialects in the past year😳. It acquires its ability by talking to a native speaker🗣 for a few hours & compiles the raw data into a machine learning system💡. Suresh Bazaj, founder of the project, wrote💬, “Each language is different & historically TTS systems have been done one at a time. We looked at commonalities of Indian languages & developed tools to apply the same technology to multiple languages.” The language database🈺 is small enough to be stored on a 📱phone & doesn’t need a high-tech device👏.

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