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im emotionaly breaking down what do i do

Dear +263...3⃣,

I am really glad that you reached out to me. When you feel like this it is important to 💬 talk to somebody. You need to realise that a 😳breakdown is usually followed by a 👍breakthrough. You need to hit rock ⬇️ bottom before you can see a new ☀️ beginning sometimes.

That said - it's important to make a breakdown as positively reflective as possible. Here are my tips for turning this situation into an experience that makes you stronger:

🤔acknowledge to yourself that you are in a tough phase
✍️keep a journal where you put down the date and fill in with as much detail as possible whichever of the following applies:
😞“I feel disappointed because ___.”
😠“I feel frustrated because ___.”
😡“I feel angry because
😳“I feel afraid because
😥“I feel hurt because ___.”
🙄“I feel self-doubt because
😖“I feel guilty because ___.”
😶“I feel ashamed because
❌you don't need to explain, convince, justify or anything.
🙀don't hide from your feelings, deny or blame. Just feel.
🗣seek out a trusted friend, family member or mental health professional to talk

This will pass, and you'll be stronger. 🌤Brighter days will come,


Duta Didi

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