Ask👩Didi: What Makes a Good Relationship?

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+263...0⃣ what makes a good relationship, no fights or fighting and reconciliation after fights?

Dear +263...0⃣,

You raise an interesting ❓ question. I think that the basis for a good relationship is always healthy and positive communication. As long as you find ways of talking about your issues and reach a compromise with your partner, it's a healthy relationship.

What NOT to do:
❌Don't criticise or attack your partner's personality. It's important to avoid these types of phrases: "You never think of anyone else," or "How can you be so selfish?"
❌Do not insult, call names, mock, sneer or roll your eyes.
❌Don't be defensive. It's important to take responsibility for your own actions and see what you've done wrong too.
❌Don't withdraw. It's not right to stop communicating - you need to always try.

What you SHOULD do:
✅Be calm. It helps to be logical and rational, this can only happen when you're calm.
✅Raise issues before they become unsolvable.
✅Speak softly, Talk in terms of "we", avoid "I" and "You"
✅Listen fully, without distractions. Turn off your phone. Let them know you're listening.


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