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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 715

My mind is in love with the Lord's lotus feet; I have met the Beloved Guru, the noble, heroic being. Nanak celebrates in bliss; chanting and meditating on the Lord, all sickness has been cured. ||2||10||15|| Todee, Fifth Mehl, Third House, Chau-Padas: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Oh! Oh! You cling to Maya, you fool; this is not a trivial matter. That which you consider to be yours, is not yours. ||Pause|| You do not remember your Lord, even for an instant. That which belongs to others, you believe to be your own. ||1|| The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is always with you, but you do not enshrine it within your mind. You have attached your consciousness to that which you must eventually abandon. ||2|| You collect that which will bring you only hunger and thirst. You have not obtained the supplies of the Ambrosial Naam. ||3|| You have fallen into the pit of sexual desire, anger and emotional attachment. By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, a rare few are saved. ||4||1||16|| Todee, Fifth Mehl: I have only the One Lord, my God. I do not recognize any other. ||Pause|| By great good fortune, I have found my Guru. The Guru has implanted the Name of the Lord within me. ||1|| The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is my meditation, austerity, fasting and daily religious practice. Meditating on the Lord, Har, Har, I have found total joy and bliss. ||2|| The Praises of the Lord are my good conduct, occupation and social class. Listening to the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, I am in absolute ecstasy. ||3|| Says Nanak, those who have found their Lord and Master, everything comes to the homes of those. ||4||2||17|| Todee, Fifth Mehl, Fourth House, Du-Padas: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: My beautiful mind longs for the Love of the Lord. By mere words, the Lord's Love does not come. ||Pause|| I have searched for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, looking in each and every street. Meeting with the Guru, my doubts have been dispelled. ||1|| I have obtained this wisdom from the Holy Saints, according to the pre-ordained destiny inscribed upon my forehead. In this way, Nanak has seen the Lord with his eyes. ||2||1||18|| Todee, Fifth Mehl: My foolish heart is in the grip of pride. By the Will of my Lord God, Maya, like a witch, has swallowed my soul. ||Pause|| More and more, he continually yearns for more; but unless he is destined to receive, how can he obtain it? He is entangled in wealth, bestowed by the Lord God; the unfortunate one attaches himself to the fire of desires. ||1|| Listen, O mind, to the Teachings of the Holy Saints, and all your sins shall be totally washed away. One who is destined to receive from the Lord, O servant Nanak, shall not be cast into the womb of reincarnation again. ||2||2||19||