🇬🇧Labour Elects British-🇮🇳Indian for Peerage

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The leader of the 🇬🇧UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has elected 🇬🇧British-🇮🇳Indian human rights campaigner & barrister⚖ Shami Chakrabarti as antisemitism chief🤔. Corbyn praised Shami for her ambition in the House of Lords🏤 & her 👥public service & her completion into an inquiry into antisemitism for the party. However, her election is causing tensions😓 in the party when Corbyn put her forward for a peerage🕶 after the mess with David Cameron👔 & the cronyism👹 that surrounds 🇬🇧UK politics. Several 👥people believe the system should be boycotted🚫 completely. VP of the Board of Deputies of British Jews✡, Marie van der Zyl, said, that it was beyond disappointing😑. “The report, which was weak in several areas, now seems to have been rewarded with an honour. This ‘whitewash for peerages’ is a scandal that surely raises serious questions about the integrity of Ms Chakrabarti, her inquiry & the Labour leadership,”🔉 she said.

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