Lockheed Martin👀 Ready to Make✈F-16s in India❗

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By Shadowfax🐎

American defence major Lockheed Martin have expressed👍 their readiness to shift the only production line🔧 of their flagship fighter jetl✈ F-16s to India from Texas to meet the global and Indian demands. However, the company clarified😯 that the offer was subject to the Indian Air Force choosing the F-16s for its fleet✅. The F-16s are the world's largest-sold fighter aircraft👏. Randall L Howard, F16 Business Development head👔, said in New Delhi, "The offer we have given to the Indian Govt is unmatched and from our side unprecedented. But we are offering not only moving the lone production line to India but also meeting the global requirement through the same unit here.👌"

The IAF is looking👀 for a fighter aircraft to modernise its fleet and has further offers from Dassault (Rafale), Boeing (F/A-18E), Saab (Gripen) and the Eurofighter😋. All companies have offered to set up a production facility in New Delhi but Lockheed martin are offering to move their entire production line to India😲.

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