Mou👔 Drops Huge Pogba⭐ Hint😉

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By Shadowfax🐎

In the biggest hint🤔 that Paul Pogba is about to join Manchester United♦, Jose Mourinho said that he is about to sign a midfielder and would ideally want it done before the season😯 starts on August 13th. He said🔈, "I don’t like to speak about players from other clubs. Other managers like to do that, they like to speak about my clubs, and about my players. Pogba is a Juventus player until officially he isn’t so we stay like this." If that was not enough😉, he further added, "We got a young central defender who needs time to be a top one but has a lot of potential. We bought a creative player. We got a super striker, and we are going to get a very good midfield player so we try to give balance.🙆"

Well, if that doesn't translate to 'We're signing✍ Pogba soon', we don't know what will.

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