Movie Reviews📽: Bourne, Michael Mishra & More

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Jason Bourne
Duta Rating ⭐⭐ (2/5)
Paul Greengrass🎬 and Matt Damon⭐ reunite in an attempt to resurrect the Bourne franchise after the disappointing Bourne Legacy. The action👊 is top notch but the film lacks the tension the first three instalments brought. Bourne finally remembers💡 his past but the movie only succeeds in reminding🤔 the audience how good the films were when he had amnesia.

🎬Director:Paul Greengrass

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The Legend of Michael Mishra
Duta Rating ⭐ (1/5)
Arshad Warsi plays the role of a goon who decides to reform😇 & become a respectable citizen after his heartthrob❤ tells him to do so. Boman Irani's son debuts as Circuit's circuit while his dad is the narrator🎙 in this bewildering hot mess😑 of a film. Film stars have bills to pay too and The Legend of Michael Mishra is one of those occupational hazards of Bollywood.

🎬Director:Manish Jha

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Budhia Singh - Born to Run
Duta Rating ⭐⭐⭐(3/5)
Based on the true story of the world's youngest marathon runner🏃, the film won the 2016 National Film Award for Best Children's Film👏. A 4-year-old kid who is sold to a vendor for ₹800 by his mother😞 is rescued by a judo coach who discovers his talent. Manoj Bajpayee⭐ is excellent as Biranchi Das and Mayur Patole is convincing as the prodigy. Born to Run is a compelling sports drama👍

🎬Director:Soumendra Padhi

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Suicide Squad
Duta Rating ⭐⭐ (2/5)
Considering the eye-catchy😍 promos and the star-cast this could be the most disappointing film of the year😟. A team of super villains😈 is assembled by Amanda Waller, a federal security operative, to save the world🌎. Margot Robbie💃 is a stand-out as Harley Quinn😃 and a spin-off to ruin the character could be in the works. Marvel Comics must be rejoicing😂.

🎬Director:David Ayer

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