Vijay Rupani Named New CM😳 of Gujarat‼

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In a surprise turn of events, BJP state chief Vijay Rupani👴 has been named as the new Chief Minister of Gujarat😳 after the party's legislature meeting at the State headquarters. Rupani was the minister of transport🚚, water supply, labour & employment. Earlier, Nitin Patel was tipped to be the favourite to the post and was reportedly backed by Narendra Modi🤔. The meeting was held in the presence of senior party members like Amit Shah, Nitin Gadkari & Saroj Pandey. Rupani had earlier bowed out of the race for CM stating that organisation work was his priority which paved way for Health Minister🏥 Nitin Patel. However, Patel has now been named as the deputy CM. Rupani will take oath✋ as the new CM of Gujarat on 7th August.

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