Obama: Islamic State will ‘inevitably’ be defeated, but networks will persist

  |   Nigeria News

President Obama vowed Thursday that the Islamic State is “inevitably going to be defeated,” but he predicted that the terrorist networks it spawns are likely to continue operating after the group loses its major strongholds in Iraq and Syria. Saying that recent battlefield defeats have shown that the Islamic State is “not invincible,” Obama outlined a strategy to use a recently recaptured air base in Iraq as a hub for U.S.-backed Iraqi forces to “push into Mosul,” the major northern Iraqi city that the militants seized in 2014. Obama made the remarks in a news conference at the Pentagon after meeting with his national security team to discuss the fight against the Islamic State. He is scheduled leave Saturday for a vacation with his family on Martha’s Vineyard through Aug. 21.

From The Washington Post: https://goo.gl/uojgZD