🇵🇰Pak’s Reply to 👴🏾Rajnath’s Speech🗣

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While in 🇵🇰Pakistan, Home Minister 👴🏾Rajnath Singh denounced the “glorification & patronisation of terrorism” by nations like 🇵🇰Pakistan. He said🔉, “One country's terrorist cannot be a freedom fighter for anyone... I also speak for the entire humanity, not just for India or other Saarc members, in urging that in no circumstances should terrorists be eulogised as martyrs.” He said that those nations which 👍support terrorists☠ must be isolated. 👴🏾Rajnath added that the international🌐 community’s mandate on designated terrorists must be respected & implemented. 🇵🇰Pakistan interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan slammed the use of "excessive force to suppress ✊protests in Kashmir", adding that there was a difference between fighting for freedom✊ & terrorism☠. Nisar said🔉, “Brute force against children & torture of civilians qualifies as terrorism. It's important to respect the fundamental human rights of people & not suppress freedom struggle in the name of fight against terrorism.”

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