Rajnath Confirms IND🇮🇳 Media📰 Denied Coverage‼

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh👴 confirmed that the Indian🇮🇳 media📰 wasn't allowed to cover his speech🎙 in Islamabad. 🔈"Indian DD (Doordarshan), PTI and ANI (news agencies) reporters were not allowed to cover my speech. I am hesitant to say if they (Pakistanti authorities) had behaved as per the norms and protocol. did not register any protest there. I have to ask the foreign ministry about past precedence of such meetings, " said Rajnath Singh. He also revealed that he chose to skip the lunch🍴 hosted by the Pakistan🇵🇰 government as the Pakistani Home Minister went away in a car🚗 after inviting him😶. He also declared that Pakistan doesn't consider itself as 'our neighbours'😯. The Home Minister also said that he sought the 'strongest' action👊 against countries that suppport terrorism☠. 🔈"There should be strongest action against terrorism. The entire world is worried about this extreme threat. I urged Saarc members that terrorists should not be glorified or patronised," said Singh.

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