Trump campaign chief: ‘We’ve sort of had a rule of not getting involved in primaries.’

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Donald Trump's campaign chairman said Thursday that the Republican nominee's refusal to endorse House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in the Wisconsin Republican primary is not unusual or newsworthy. "We've sort of had a rule of not getting involved in primaries because it's usually not a good situation for the presidential candidate," campaign chairman Paul Manafort said on ABC News' "Good Morning America" on Thursday. "Of course he's going to work with Paul Ryan. Of course, he's tried to bridge the party together with Paul Ryan. But Ryan's also running against somebody who's not going to win — but, nonetheless, he's a strong supporter of Mr. Trump's. And so it's not just in Paul Ryan's district. That gets all of the notoriety because it's the speaker." But at a rally in Florida on Wednesday, Trump seemed to endorse Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) ahead of his state's Republican primary, scheduled for Aug. 30.

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