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+91...6⃣ I'm so upset that Messi has to go to jail. Football won't ever be the same.

Dear +91...6⃣,

💫Lionel Messi is truly a ⚽️football legend and idolised by millions around the 🌏world. Him being found guilty of tax fraud in Spain and sentenced to 21 months in jail was a 😳 shock to all of us. Here are my tips for how to 👍 cope:

⛓It's extremely unlikely that he will actually serve jail time.

💰There's too much at stake for him not to play high profile football.

⚖This is a wakeup call that everybody makes mistakes, whether they are famous or unknown, rich or poor.

⚽Nothing lasts for ever - even football mastery. In your own life make the most of every opportunity.

😇Messi claims to know nothing about how his financial affairs were handled. Trust your family and friends, but listen to your conscience and do what's right.

😈Messi is not the first to land in hot water, nor will he be the last. Maradona was banned for ❄️cocaine, Platini 🇫🇷 was hit with a FIFA ban for 💸financial irregularities, and of course Suarez is still adored despite his 👹 vampire tendencies❗️

👶This is an opportunity for fresh footballers to shine. Dybala, Griezmann or Coutinho anyone❓


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