Bullet and Bomb💣 Scare on Day 1⃣❗

  |   Sports

By Shadowfax🐎

A stray bullet which hit the media tent😱 at the equestrian venue and a controlled explosion💥 near the finish line of a cycling event overshadowed an electric first day of the Rio Olympics🙆. This came amid reports of unsold tickets and angry😡 spectators. The equestrian venue🐎 witnessed drama when a bullet from a 5.56mm assault rifle🔫 pierced the roof of the media tent and hit the floor very near to a Team Great Britain press officer👔 and a British photographer. A Rio 2016 spokesman said🔈: "We are aware of the incident and monitoring the investigation by the security forces. No one was hurt."

Near the Copacabana beach, where a men's cycling race🚴 was about to finish, officials found a suspicious package💼 and had to perform a controlled explosion💥.

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