👀Spy Apps a Threat⚠ to 💬WhatsApp

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By Fråst🐺

There are some serious threats⚠ out there for 💬WhatsApp users. Don’t just click👆 on any link🔗 you find on 💬WhatsApp; it might just directly connect you to some sort of malware👾 which will automatically harm your 📱phone, maybe lock it permanently🔐, & steal your personal & even banking 💰 data.
Always make sure you’re using the correct url for 💬WhatsApp Web (https://goo.gl/l68YlO. It’s a web-based app & doesn’t require you to download⬇ anything. (Every link on Duta is checked & selected before being published)
There’s also an app called WhatsSpy 👥Public which can monitor a 👥users photos, statuses & messages & change their security settings⚙. There is no solution to its menace so far😕.
Even end-to-end encryption🔒 isn’t fool proof. An app called Xnspy allows 👥users to access a victim’s messenger to see all chats, photos & videos exchanged. Don't leave your phone📱 unattended and never❌ give it to someone you don't trust😈.

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