10 days of rain wipes out four years of drought in Marathwada. Now it’s a deluge

  |   India News

Celebrations are on in Marathwada. It’s been raining for nearly 10 days now, and the region till recently in the news for a water train is marking the end of four years of drought with sweets, drums and photos next to overflowing dams. While delighted, officials now have a different problem on their hands: eight people have died in the past few days in Beed due to water-related incidents. Villages have got inundated, and in Beed, the NDRF had to be called in for help.

Officials said small and medium projects in all the eight districts of Marathwada are overflowing, while the big capacity dams too are either full or have crossed the 50 per cent mark. One of Beed’s biggest dams, Bindusara, is full after 10 years. More rain is predicted in the coming week.

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