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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 727

Your worldly affairs exist only as long as you are alive; know this well. O Nanak, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord; everything is like a dream. ||2||2|| Tilang, Ninth Mehl: Sing the Lord's Praises, O mind; He is your only true companion. Your time is passing away; listen carefully to what I say. ||1||Pause|| You are so in love with property, chariots, wealth and power. When the noose of death tightens around your neck, they will all belong to others. ||1|| Know this well, O madman - you have ruined your affairs. You did not restrain yourself from committing sins, and you did not eradicate your ego. ||2|| So listen to the Teachings imparted by the Guru, O Siblings of Destiny. Nanak proclaims: hold tight to the Protection and the Sanctuary of God. ||3||3|| Tilang, The Word Of Devotee Kabeer Jee: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: The Vedas and the Scriptures are only make-believe, O Siblings of Destiny; they do not relieve the anxiety of the heart. If you will only center yourself on the Lord, even for just a breath, then you shall see the Lord face-to-face, present before you. ||1|| O human being, search your own heart every day, and do not wander around in confusion. This world is just a magic-show; no one will be holding your hand. ||1||Pause|| Reading and studying falsehood, people are happy; in their ignorance, they speak nonsense. The True Creator Lord is diffused into His creation; He is not just the dark-skinned Krishna of legends. ||2|| Through the Tenth Gate, the stream of nectar flows; take your bath in this. Serve the Lord forever; use your eyes, and see Him ever-present everywhere. ||3|| The Lord is the purest of the pure; only through doubt could there be another. O Kabeer, mercy flows from the Merciful Lord; He alone knows who acts. ||4||1|| Naam Dayv Jee: I am blind; Your Name, O Creator Lord, is my only anchor and support. I am poor, and I am meek. Your Name is my only support. ||1||Pause|| O beautiful Lord, benevolent and merciful Lord, You are so wealthy and generous. You are ever-present in every presence, within and before me. ||1|| You are the river of life, You are the Giver of all; You are so very wealthy. You alone give, and You alone take away; there is no other at all. ||2|| You are wise, You are the supreme seer; how could I make You an object of thought? O Lord and Master of Naam Dayv, You are the merciful Lord of forgiveness. ||3||1||2|| Hello, my friend, hello my friend. Is there any good news? I am a sacrifice, a devoted sacrifice, a dedicated and devoted sacrifice, to You. Slavery to You is so sublime; Your Name is noble and exalted. ||1||Pause|| Where did you come from? Where have You been? And where are You going? Tell me the truth, in the holy city of Dwaarikaa. ||1|| How handsome is your turban! And how sweet is your speech. Why are there Moghals in the holy city of Dwaarikaa? ||2|| You alone are the Lord of so many thousands of worlds. You are my Lord King, like the dark-skinned Krishna. ||3|| You are the Lord of the sun, Lord Indra and Lord Brahma, the King of men. You are the Lord and Master of Naam Dayv, the King, the Liberator of all. ||4||2||3||