Print 📺TVs on Boxes📦 to Reduces Damages📹:

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By Fråst🐺

VanMoof🚴‍♀, the ‘⚡Tesla’ of bicycles has solved a rather damaging problem. It’s super expensive💰 electric smart-bikes were often damaged💥 during transport as they arrived at their customers☹. So the company decided to print a graphic of a flatscreen 📺TV on the box’s📦 side! VanMoof’s bikes come for around 💲3,000 🇺🇸USD & offer a ton of features that ‘dumb’🚴‍♀ bikes simply can’t compare. Making shippers think that they’re delivering something delicate like a 📺TV will definitely keep them on their toes with the ‘fragile’ boxes. Bex Rad, VanMoof’s creative 📽director said🔉, “shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70-80%.”

To know why VanMoof’s bikes are so amazing, watch this video here📹:

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