🤖Andy Users Humbler Than 📱iPhone Users

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By Fråst🐺

Researchers👓 from the 🏤University of Lincoln, 🇬🇧UK, found that those who used 🤖Android smart📱phones were humbler than 📱iPhone users. They also found that women were almost 2⃣ times more likely to own an iPhone. Heather Shaw explained🔉, “Smart📱phone choice is the most basic level of smart📱phone personalisation.” Studies were conducted between 📱iPhone & 🤖Andy users. Participants had to complete a questionnaire about what characteristics they would associate with 👥users of each brand. 530 smart📱phone 👥users were given actual personality tests. The first study showed that 🤖Andy were perceived to be more honest, humble, aggregable & open, while also being less extroverted than 📱iPhone users. 🤖Andy 👥users tended towards avoiding similarity, disliking having the same products as others. 📱iPhone 👥users considered it more important to have a high-status 📱phone.

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