Explosion💥 in 🇵🇭Philippines, 14 Dead💐

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An explosion💥 hit a marketplace in Davao City, 🇵🇭Philippines on Friday night around 10 to 11 pm, killing 14 & injuring 60. 🔟 were found at the blast site & 2⃣ died at the hospital. Investigators are still verifying🔎 the cause & location of the blast💥. President’s spokesman, Ernesto Abella said🔉, “While no one has yet claimed responsibility, it is best that the populace refrain from reckless speculation & avoid crowded places. There is no cause for alarm, but it is wise to be cautious.” Davao City Vice Mayor👔 said🔉, “Right now, we cannot yet give a definite answer as to who is behind this as we are also trying to determine what really exploded.”

Update: 🇵🇭President Rodrigo Duterte placed the country in lockdown🔐 after confirming that it was a terrorist☠ attack, but to allay fears, he insisted that the nation wasn't turning to fascism. He authorised the 👮🏼police & military to🔎 search cars & 👥people at checkpoints. He said the nation was under a “state of lawlessness,” 😕adding he has not declared martial law💂🏼 nor suspended the writ of habeas corpus. It is possible that either the ☪Islamist militant Abu Sayyaf 👥group or drug lords😈 were behind it.

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