FG to save Aero Contractors from demise

  |   Nigeria News

The Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika yesterday assured the workers of Aero Contractors Airline that the federal government will do everything within its power to prevent the airline from dying and the workers loosing their jobs, as the government will restructure the airlines.

"I landed from Riyadh to Lagos and before I left Riyadh I was informed by the people in charge in Aero that things were getting worse and they have only one airplane operational at the moment and I said to myself since I have time between my flight to Lagos and connecting one to Abuja, I decided to come and see Aero and probably discuss a few issues with the managers and possibly see the staff, but unfortunately I came here and saw that there is a protest going on, so I had to stop by, listened, discussed and came to an agreement."

The reason why AMCON came to rescue Aero Contractors or any other business was due to the wisdom of the government of the past and we respect that wisdom and because AMCON is constitutionally established by the Act of Parliament to take this responsibility, but in doing this job we must look at the fundamentals."

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